Sleep Apnea in Dentistry

How Can Dentists Help?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. It can cause problems such as snoring, morning headaches, and daytime drowsiness. Left untreated, it can also lead to more serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. We will discuss how dentists can help patients who suffer from sleep apnea. We will also discuss important info about teeth straightening, orthodontists and dentists and many other things.

The first thing that dentists can do is to help patients identify the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. If you are experiencing any of the following, you should see a dentist:

* Loud snoring

* Waking up gasping for air

* Episodes of stopped breathing during sleep

* Daytime fatigue or drowsiness

Teeth Straightening, Orthodontists And Dentists

A dentist can also help to diagnose sleep apnea. They will conduct a physical examination of your mouth and throat and may also order a sleep study. This is where you will spend a night in a sleep lab so that your sleeping patterns can be monitored. Once sleep apnea has been diagnosed, your dentist will work with you to create a treatment plan.

There are two main types of treatment for sleep apnea:

* Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP): This is the most common treatment for sleep apnea. It involves using a machine to deliver air pressure through a mask that you wear during sleep. The air pressure keeps your airways open so that you can breathe properly.

* Oral appliance therapy: This involves wearing a mouthguard-like device during sleep. The device holds your tongue and jaw in place to prevent your airway from becoming blocked.

If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, don’t hesitate to see a dentist. They can help you get the treatment you need to get a good night’s sleep! And, as an added bonus, they can also help you avoid some of the serious health complications.